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4 Questions to ask yourself when evaluating your current railing system

4 Questions to ask yourself when evaluating your current railing system

If your beach front property railings look like the ones in the image above, it’s time to consider replacing them vs. refinishing. Are you budgeting for a new railing solution in 2019? The average lifespan of your railing system depends on many factors including the quality and type of materials selected.  Here are 4 key questions to ask yourself when evaluating your next building or renovation projects:

  1. Are they safe? Can they withstand the elements and use of another season?
    One of the main purposes of a railing system is protection and safety. If your fittings, mounts, or structures are loose and damaged not replacing or maintaining them could cost you more than you think – and the potential lives of your visitors or renters!
  2. Do you see any visible signs of wear or rust?
    Did you know when metal is exposed it takes only 4 days for rust to begin when exposed to the elements? If there are other repair factors needed which impact structure and security simply refinishing or painting your existing railings may not be enough to ensure another season of use.
  3. How old are your existing railings? Is it worth another repair, or time to replace?
    Trying to extend the life of older railing systems may cost you more in the long run. A recent survey of our clients revealed that 60% of installed solutions are over 15 years old. Consider upgrading your existing aluminum railings to a more modern, no maintenance thermoplastic system. 
  4. Are you planning any other aesthetic changes to your property?
    Giving your property a spring “makeover” in landscaping or other elements can really draw attention to an outdated or older railing system. Use this as the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the latest railing products, colors, and styles.

For example; these rusted railings should be inspected for structural soundness to determine if refinishing is an option.

If you decide the best option for your property is to replace your railings, either AVCON Thermoplastic or our HorizAL Aluminum system has options to fit your budget and design.