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Can Your Railings Hold Up to Hurricanes….or Catamarans?

Can Your Railings Hold Up to Hurricanes….or Catamarans?


As we’re just getting through Hurricane season, we thought we’d share an anecdote from our archives involving a storm, a Catamaran, and our AVCON Thermoplastic Railing System.

Back in the 1990’s, one of our Hotel/Motel clients in the Norfolk, VA area on the Chesapeake sent us some amazing photos of local damage caused by a severe storm which picked up a Catamaran boat and flung it toward the property far from the shore.

One of the main purposes of railing systems is safety and in the case of the flying Catamaran we can assure you our railings held up…unfortunately the Catamaran did not.

Looking closer at these photos, it’s evident that the AVCON railing not only held up, it barely had a scratch on it. Durability can be directly attributed to the metal core which is protected from rust and elements by our patented thermoplastic coating.

It’s not uncommon for our railing system to last 20+ years, which is a HUGE money and time saver for our property owners and managers. These photos are a great example of what it means to own a “maintenance-free” solution.

Other long-term waterfront installations that are standing the test of time (also since 1990’s) include;

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