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Contractors, property managers, builders, architects, and investors have a close eye on the rising costs of construction these days with good reason as we continue to see costs of materials and labor rise. Although as an industry, we may not be able to control all these factors there are some key considerations we can give to our current projects to ensure future cost savings–including selecting the right railing system. Selecting a maintenance-free railing system is a simple way to cut costs out of maintaining commercial properties. AVCON's Aluminum and Thermoplastic railing systems are a solid choice for both upgrades/renovation and new

  As we're just getting through Hurricane season, we thought we'd share an anecdote from our archives involving a storm, a Catamaran, and our AVCON Thermoplastic Railing System. Back in the 1990's, one of our Hotel/Motel clients in the Norfolk, VA area on the Chesapeake sent us some amazing photos of local damage caused by a severe storm which picked up a Catamaran boat and flung it toward the property far from the shore. One of the main purposes of railing systems is safety and in the case of the flying Catamaran we can assure you our railings held up

Would you agree that we live in a litigious society? Without any consideration to the merits of any particular "lawsuit", would you not agree that the possibilities of being sued are ever present? This is true individually but more so if you manage a business or have some responsibility in choosing what products are used. Whether building a new structure or upgrading an existing one, Building Codes have been created for the purpose of protecting occupants and users of the structure. When an incident occurs, one of the first things considered is the applicable Building Code(s) to determine if any violations

Are your railings ready for the upcoming Fall/Winter Season? With summer coming to a close, now is a great time to review your current railing installations to ensure they are in top shape and able to withstand the harsher seasons. Here are 5 Tips to create a checklist for safety: Visual Inspection After the busy summer season and before the winter storms is the best time to fully inspect every rail on your property. We recommend regular visual inspections, but this time of year is perfect to go over every inch for obvious - and not so obvious - signs of wear

We’re excited to introduce you to Michael Siu, our new CAD Designer. When it comes to solving complex design problems for your next project, Michael brings a solid background in Mechanical Engineering with a B.S. from NJIT and expert 3D software modeling skills. Michael is also interested in manufacturing processes and programming for automation. He enjoys showcasing his solutions with visual representations and is currently hard at work improving our flange covers for a more robust and positive engagement. When he’s not busy designing new AVCON Railing solutions, he enjoys tinkering with robotics or playing his favorite video games. You can

We recently visited the 49th Floor of the Woolworth Building in New York City to see the first completed installation of the custom AVCON railing solution for the project, and are thrilled to share a "peek" with you! In fact besides Batman himself, few but the future owner of this multi-million dollar condominium will be able to see it yet it serves a very important purpose. The railing cannot be seen from street level. The 49th Floor can only be seen by the owner/tenants looking through the windows. The light installations around the railing will light up the building at night. The