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Railings and the Rising Costs of Construction

Railings and the Rising Costs of Construction

Contractors, property managers, builders, architects, and investors have a close eye on the rising costs of construction these days with good reason as we continue to see costs of materials and labor rise. Although as an industry, we may not be able to control all these factors there are some key considerations we can give to our current projects to ensure future cost savings–including selecting the right railing system.

Selecting a maintenance-free railing system is a simple way to cut costs out of maintaining commercial properties. AVCON’s Aluminum and Thermoplastic railing systems are a solid choice for both upgrades/renovation and new construction projects …. but why?

  • Virtually no-maintenance!
    • Yes, this is one of the main reasons our customers love these railings as they have proven themselves to save a ton in maintenance costs. For example, our HorizAL aluminum railings come in a wide range of colors and finishes which include marine grade (made for salt-water installations), and anti-graffiti (for public high traffic areas).
    • Our AVCON Thermoplastic system is renowned for it’s durability. The patented ASA thermoplastic wraps around a solid metal core providing the utmost in safety and structure. Where traditional metal railings tend to rust over time, our thermoplastic covering protects that core with a thick layer of “color” so that minor nicks and scratches aren’t noticed. Cleaning with a soapy solution is all that’s needed to maintain their beauty over time.
  • Durability
    • A standard painted galvanized steel railing is likely to rust to the point of replacement in less than 10 years vs. our systems that are designed to last twice as long. This results not only in lower maintenance costs but also lower replacement costs.
  • Code Compliance
    • Railings that rust or are easily damaged and then not properly replaced or maintained can cause issues when it’s time for inspections. Installing the proper railing initially, or replacing it with a longer-lasting product can greatly reduce costs required to maintain compliance to building codes.

We can’t always control every factor involved in today’s rising construction costs but carefully selecting a railing system that is built to last is a great place to start!